As a Jewellery designer, She is a kind of observant and sensitive person, she is interested at research people’s feelings or sensors in oder to creative her work. In this project she is try to present a kind of emotion when people feel excited and to remind that excited moment. On the other hand it also cautions people do what they are possible to achieve.

This project is originally inspired of her own experience of extreme sports, then she researched that people was enjoying in different exciting moments. She used bubble vacated tablets to shape the inside of porcelain liquid in a boiling, structured exciting texture in oder to represent and remind the exciting moment. On the other hand she want to present not hurt in the same time, therefor she researched how to get calm, Shapes are develop from acupuncture tools which has pointing part to help people calm down. Those pieces present the challenge are exciting but not hurt, in oder to caution people to balance and control themselves that do not blindly challenge dangerous things.