As an artist, Xu always focus on exploring the interactions between maker, wearer and viewer, which draws the inspiration from social studies and performance art, seeks to reframe the applied arts notion of ‘use’ into the contemporary art notion of ‘participation’. Interaction is a form of proof, and a similar purpose: to breach the gap between contemporary jewellery and public.

Xu intended to make a collection with the concept of metamorphosis. She got inspiration from the decay of creatures, the ecdysis of some animals. She wants to present the process of metamorphosis in a more visual way with the use of acrylic sheets. When the wearer do the certain action, it initiate the whole performance of the jewellery pieces. The process from standing to lying down of the acrylic pieces changes the pattern and structure covering the wearer, rendering the effect of transformation of body or skin, which also indicates the meaning of the accumulation of power can help individuals turn over a new life and walk beyond the past. The performance of headpiece is the process for wearer to reveling the veil. Face the challenge and fear directly. The collection including large scale pieces and small ones as well. Large ones are more suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as concert, performance, or for exhibitions. Small pieces will be more daily wearable. Moveable jewellery pieces are the attempt to realize art in living forms. She chose eye-catching colors and some totem for the collection. When the acrylic pieces lie down, they formed new patterns and build up different visual qualities compare to standing state. The metal structure ensured the strength and the wear ability.