For my Jewellery is a form of nature. I very like nature, like to finding and discovering lines in nature especially the water ,the water wave. I very afraid of water since my childhood ,But I still obsessed with it, especially for the graphic refraction in water. Water ripples changing and splashes of water caused by hitting on water are special for my works. Analyze and develop those broken and twisted lines and regard water ripple as a kind of graphics or a kind of texture.

The most important part for a work is its appearance, with the feeling of water flowing, with the feeling of water flowing, which can be well expressed with thin metal. While the combination of metal and non metallic materials makes works more diversified and brings different textures .I use copper nitrate, green patina, technology application is very important and can express blue-green color close to real nature. Outside single metallic color makes obvious contrast with inside color tones, echoing each other.

Final product is a set of diversified Jewellery, which can be worn separately but also combined together. This is the product designed by designer and it is more expected that people can create their own unique way of wearing.

I wish people can love her created and designed Jewellery and also hope it can Stimulate wearers’ passion for Jewellery during their wearing. They can make second creation of my designed Jewellery and make their loved design when they wear. So the design of her work will focuses on the unity of all Jewelries and make their combination more beautiful and matching with each other in a better way.