Kate Strøm Fields is a jewellery designer passionate about spreading awareness and raising money to help endangered animals across the globe. She creates jewellery using sculpting techniques that attempts to convey the beauty and awe of creatures such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, whales and great apes – some of the most poached animals in the world. Using wax to create these fragmented forms before electroforming them into metal allows her to translate the fragility of existence for these species due to poaching. To signify the preciousness of the animal, every piece is plated in gold or silver, and the colour red is sometimes included as a reminder of bloodshed and as the traditional colour of danger.

In addition to the handmade elements, Kate employs embedded technology in some of her pieces in order to represent shocking statistics in a way which that the wearer can experience. Digital displays count down the minutes to the extinction of a species, and vibrations in the jewellery act as a reminder every time an animal is poached, for instance an elephant which is killed, statistically, every fifteen minutes.

Kate Strøm Fields’s dream is a world where more people are taking action against animal poaching, before the planet loses some of its most iconic species in as little as a decade. As an artist, she feels it is her responsibility to provoke thought, spread a message and raise funds through making and selling her jewellery.