My works are mainly inspired by my personal experiences. To be specific, I have been to many countries in the last few years, which not only opens my eyes to new views, but also enriches my subjects and inspirations for my drawings. What’s more important, I find that everything can be the linked between my experience and my work, including the architectures and views that impressed me greatly during my trips. In order to to develop my work in many different aspects, I will usually simplify the information first, and then transfer the images and memory to be concrete ones later.


The appearances of my work are basically reflected in my drawings and researches. After filtrating some parts of my important experiences and, drawing from the map, I will then view it carefully. Every time when I decide to take an outlook of it, I will pick up some materials that can effectively express my ideas and aesthetics. In this way, though I produce my works in a simple structure, my works will always be filled with details and creativity.


In general, my works are all about my personal experiences, so they can represent myself to some extent. Besides the structure and appearance, I would also like to present different pieces in different places on a map where the inspiration comes. Because I think that it will explain the concepts in a more effective way. I hope my works can be understood and appreciated by more people in both concepts and aesthetics.