Believing in a simple philosophy that ”small things make a big difference”, Aelita is creating jewellery that celebrates attention to details. Her inspiration comes from mark making that is discovered while she draws in fast pace. She believes that working without control of what is happening in front of her, gives a true image of her real feelings and emotions. By extracting shapes and textures in surrealist notion, she creates delicate and tactile body of work that respond to her state of mind.

aelita’s collection is purely personal and play a role of a ‘visual diary’ of her daily life. One of the main and the most important techniques – crochet – is a lifelong love that has been brewed since she was a schoolgirl back home. After series of experiments, Aelita found her unique and contemporary way of treating this traditional process. After several processes of transformation the crochet elements, she creates jewellery that respects traditions as well as represents artist’s sentiment.

Aelita invites a viewer to really look into pieces, explore and feel them without a touch before putting them on a body.